It is always important to care how your privacy is treated in online. You should be careful of your privacy. Moreover, it is also our duty to let you know how we manage your privacy in our website. Now we will let you know how we manage your privacy:
  • How our website works
  • What types of data we collect from you and what we do with it
  • How we keep your personal data protected

Our Website

Our website is nothing but a static website. We just show our contents in a static style. We ensure you get enough needed information about us from our website. But we are working on making the website dynamic. You will be notified when we change our website.

Your Private Information

We do not usually collect any personal information from you. Even we do not even have a login or registration process. So you are totally safe with your privacy. We will make a registration process very soon. But we ensure you after registration to our site your all data will be protected. We never use your data in other purposes.

How we protect your data

We have already mentioned that we do not collect your data yet. But we are preparing a dynamic website for our business. When we are done we will keep your data in our personal database. We will never collect your bank accounts, other social network identities. Thank you for being with us.

Third Party Advertisers and Services

To make money we use advertisers that may collect information about you. We also track your information we third party analytics services. From time to time we may also use other third party tools and advertisers whose privacy policy may vary. Third party advertises may collect personal and non-personal information about you in order to provide better suited advertisements. This information may include; location, content of the website or app you are viewing, what adverts you’ve seen before and any other data it can get on you.


Our applications and websites are intended for a general audience of all ages, and we do not knowingly collect or track personal information from users under 13 years old. When a user informs us we will delete any personal information we have tracked and stop tracking further information or we’ll make sure we get prior parental consent. We may collect non-personal information, this information will be anonymous and we will not be able to tie this information to a specific user, this is a byproduct of an anonymous system not allowing us to distinguish between those over 13 and those under 13. If you are a parent and are concern that you can require all purchases to require a password, to do these please see the help sites from the company that produces your device or application store. If you are a child between the ages of 13 and 18 and wish to make an in app purchase please get your parents permission and seek their help.


The security of your data is very important to us. We work hard to ensure that your data is protected against loss, misuse or unauthorized access by a third party, we store your data on our servers and with third parties such as Google Analytics and Google Firebase. However we cannot guarantee that the measures we take, or the communications of the network will protect your data from illegal “hackers” or third parties over the internet. No method available to us is 100% secure. We have a policy to not discuss what security measures we take and we cannot go into detail.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

The internet and our business is constantly evolving and it may be the case that we have to update this document to comply with new standards, laws or protocols as well as emerging technologies, concerns or threats. We’d recommend regularly checking this document for changes.

Your Agreement

By using our services, applications, website you agree that you understand the above and that you agree to us tracking your information as described above. If you do not agree please do not use our services, applications or website.